Antonio Amin was born on January 3rd 1977 at the city of Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of two his family moves to Maracay where he carries out his elementary thru high school. By the age of 10 he discovers his musical aptitudes since his capable of learning to play the guitar on his own. At 12 he starts accompanying the guitar with his voice, with the characteristic of reaching very high and acute notes.
He composes his first work at 14 and starts participating in several bands of his school piers, in one of them he even plays the base. Once he reaches the legal age of 18 he participates in a Karaoke Contest at the bar “El Buho” in Maracay, where he obtains the first place as singer by interpreting the song “No Rain” by Blind Melon. That night he is contacted by the guitarist Alfonso Otamendi who invites him to form a band with Luis Otamendi on the base, and Antonio’s older brother Jose Amin at the drums.
In 1997 he adopts the artistic name of EA, continues to compose and performs live with music influenced by the 80’s pop rock. Most live performances were at bars in the cities of Maracay and Valencia in Venezuela, were his band became the favorite and most recognized in the central states of the country. By 1998 they are known for their artistic name “TOÑO EA”. During this year of performances, Antonio carries out his studies in Musical Arts at the University “Pedagogico de Maracay”, earning his Bachelor’s Degree on 2004.
On the year 1999, Antonio, Toño “EA” Amin, records his first LP, titled EA with ten of his own composed themes, with the song “La Prima” getting the first places on the local radio hit parades.
Between 2000 and 2003 he does more than 400 live presentations in Venezuela, by 2004 the band is hired several times by entertainment places on the islands of Bonaire and Curacao, obtaining a large number of fans and recognition as one of the best live bands on the Caribbean Islands. On this year he obtains his Bachelor in Musical Arts diploma, thus becoming a professional musician.
Toño EA (Antonio Amin) participates as a judge in the Curacao Idol, obtaining an award as the island’s special guest.
In 2005 he signs contract with James Merchan, who launches EA’s carrier in Venezuela. Some of the events were: Venezuela Off Road, The Merida’s Sun Festival, The Maracaibo’s Chinita Festival, Valencia’s Festival, The Maracay’s Jazz Festival as well as performing as the opening group for the Franco de Vita and Ricky Martin’s Shows at the Caracas Pop Festival and the Ricardo Arjona’s concert.
The Dutch event producer, Ante Hoff, invited Toño EA to the Kwoake Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, opening for him an important door to that country, which he will visit many times in the following years.
After his successful visit to Amsterdam,”The Kiss Ass Tour EA 2005″ travels performing in different cities of The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Antonio Amin is granted an award as the best voice in the Leeuwarden Prizes and is considered Revelation Artist. Among his Amsterdam performances the one that outstood the most was at the renowned place “Melkweeg” with a total sold out.
During his Dutch Tour he composes and records his second record, “EA Pachanga Star” with nine original singles, reaching the first place on an FM radio station of the Northern Region, Friesland, with the song “Si Vas” whose theme video was filmed in that area.
Throughout 2006 and 2007 success continues, becoming the first Venezuelan band with a record of 265 live performances. Antonio Amin, alias Toño, becomes an artistic figure in Maracay, receiving many recognitions due to his charities to different foundations.
On 2007 Antonio Amin in partnership with James Merchan, create a Production Company to promote new Venezuelan talents named: “Meca Musica y Entretenimiento C.A.”, sponsoring the production of school events and festivals.
In the year 2008, Amin signs a contract with the record label “Prisma Record” of Music Entertaiment Colombia to produce a record composed by him with the participation of Rodrigo Nunez, a Chilean producer. The album was recorded in Madrid, Spain, with musical talents such as” Wilfrido Vargas” and “Nacho” of the “Chino y Nacho” duo.
“Un Nuevo Dia” will be his third record and is promoted nationally by “Music E” of “Prima Records”, reaching high popularity, specially the single “Eres Tu” who obtains posts on the “Record Reports” billboard.
On 2009, Antonio Amin launches, as a first time producer the popular festival, “EAFEST”, one of Maracay’s most renowned with the aim of boosting regional and national talents.
By the years 2009 and 2010 he visits the United States for the first time as a musician to promote his Tour in the cities of Miami, Orlando, New York and Los Angeles, achieving a great deal of attention from the media and Hispanic audiences.
In 2010 he becomes the official voice for the most important baseball team in the last ten years in Venezuela, and shares stage performances with “Maroon 5” and “Duran Duran” on the MoviStar Tour.
On the year 2011 Amin experiments with a music style totally different to the known EA sound. He meets with his partner-producer Rodrigo Nunez in Madrid and create the artistic project “My Inner Noise”. The record, titled MIN (acronym for My Inner Noise), has eleven original themes composed all by Antonio Amin, its style is filled with progressive rock and world music, it can be found in iTunes and YouTube. The musicians from the Spanish Band “El Sombrero del Abuelo” participate in the record production as special guests.
By mid 2011 he launches his fourth studio record where he collects his 15 years of artistic career and pays a tribute to all the musicians that have accompanied him. The song that stands out is “Calling to Dance”. The “EA15” record is the band’s first record to be sold on the web through iTunes and it’s sold through out Venezuela in big music retailers such as Record Land and Esperanto.
On the year 2011, Toño signs a new record and promotional contract for the USA with “Stage Coast” who takes him to important promotional presentations.
On December 2011, EA earn sin Venezuela the award as Best National Band at the “Mas Que Rumbas 2011 Prizes”
By the early 2012, Antonio travels to Los Angeles to meet with the musical producers of Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee and Natalia Jimenez to prepare what will be his next record which will be released in 2015.
Foremost coordinates a wide tour in the US and Mexico which ends at the Miami, Fl. “Grand Center” and the “Terrace 390” of Orlando with a full house.
In 2013 he launches a new promotional single called “Run Away” which posts in the first place on the Venezuelan National Billboard.
The theme, composed by Antonio Amin, initiates what will be the new electronic era for his music.
Right away he achieves to place a second single titled ” Forever” on the firsts places on the charts as well as 4 nominations to the Pepsi Music Awards.
All of EA’s records are distributed worldwide by iTunes and Tunecore.
On 2013 Antonio Amin begins to work directing musical videos, the video clip “Run Away”, is one of the more than ten videos of different artists made with the cooperation of Angel Burgos that they have done to the date.
Antonio Amin EA is a member of ASCAP and a participating vote of the Latin Grammy.
On 2014, Antonio Amin is hired to act on a musical theater production which is directed by David Chacon and his company Miami Globo, the play produced by the event company Rumba Miami Inc. which is stationed in Miami, Florida. The musical called Gooza is the beginning of a new phase for Toño EA Amin as a performer, acting and musical director at a theater in Miami.
On August 2014, he performs a special part, as Roger, in the prestigious play “Divas del Soul”, showing at The Flamingo Theater of Miami, obtaining a profound success.
By September 2014 participates as Musical Director in the play “Nosotros’, directed by David Chacon, which is presented at the Micro Theater Miami, in Biscayne Blvd.
Antonio Amin is considered by the Polar Company of Venezuela as one of the artists with most international projection and a proud export of Venezuela.
Actually he is composing for the Nickelodeon Channel.